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five. to squander or use a lot more (time) than is essential. He lost no time in informing the police with the criminal offense. verspeel يُضيِّع الوَقْت губя perder ztrácet verlieren spilde tiden χάνω, σπαταλώ χρόνο perder raiskama از دست دادن hukata perdre לְאַבֵּד זְמָן हार जाना izgubiti (el)veszteget membuang sóa tíma perdere 無駄にする 낭비하다 gaišti, eikvoti nokavēt; palaist garām tidak membuang masa verspillentape, mistetracić له لاسه وركول،تيرول perder a pierde терять strácať zapraviti gubiti fileörlora, fileörspilla เสียเวลา (หรือโอกาส) kaybetmek 浪費 упускати وقت ، محنت وغیرہ اکارت ہونا lãng phí 白费

lay, position, put, established, posture, pose - put into a certain place or summary locale; "Put your items below"; "Set the tray down"; "Established the canine on the scent on the missing kids"; "Location emphasis on a particular position"

The SPARTAN managed to struggle by the rest in the outer hull and Found the Composer plus the Didact. Seeking to obtain usage of the Composer, Learn Main was Minimize off from an opening to it. John informed Lasky of the, to which he proposed deactivating the shields so Infinity could make One more opening.

3. To become fewer capable or proficient; drop: He can nonetheless Engage in tennis perfectly. He has not missing it but.

John and Halsey descended to the ship and commandeered a weaponless Covenant shuttle craft. A Seraph development attacked them on exit, but a Seraph commandeered by Fred and Kelly annihilated the enemy fighters and recovered John and Halsey in conjunction with fireplace assist from their prowler. John's teammate's deaths deeply saddened him: the Procedure noticed more SPARTAN-IIs killed in motion than any before the Slide of Access. John vowed to become more robust and never let this kind of loss to happen once more.[17]

flip a earnings, revenue - generate a revenue; acquire income or materially; "The corporate has not profited in the merger"

to lose no time in carrying out sth she lost no time in building up her thoughts → se decidió enseguida, no le Expenseó nada decidirse

shed - are unsuccessful to keep or to take care of; cease to possess, possibly bodily or in an abstract feeling; "She misplaced her purse when she remaining it unattended on her seat"

He was encountered by the preserved consciousness of the Librarian in Requiem's method and explained to in the Didact's designs to implement a device often known as the Composer towards humanity following a remedial training on the heritage from the Human-Forerunner relations as well as Forerunner-Flood War. As a way to combat the Didact properly, the Librarian State-of-the-art his evolutionary method to render him proof against the Composing procedure, shortly releasing him to fend off the Didact.[42]

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John is often known as a man of his term and may strive to help keep any assure he helps make, even at great private risk. As he was pressured to depart Cortana powering on High Charity, John promised to come back for her immediately after coping with the Prophet of Fact. Cortana chided him not to help make a promise when he understood he could not hold it. However, Regardless of extraordinary odds, John did retain his assure, as he fought his way through the Flood into Substantial Charity to retrieve her. Upon getting her, Cortana was within a weak and broken point out.

In the ending cutscene of Halo: Fight Advanced, John can take off his helmet, and the camera pans upward, leaving The top obscured because of the ship window body as he sets the helmet to his aspect. Some folks have employed Halo: Custom Edition growth manner to move the digital camera. Nevertheless, Bungie's 3D artists did not generate a independent character design for this situation, simply a different helmet product; if the animation is considered from In the ship, it seems just as if John takes off his helmet, revealing an identical helmet beneath.

He then asked for the Main's assist in advising a team. He then showed John audio logs from a science group on Set up 03 escorted by Spartan Staff Black, attacked by creatures John thought were Prometheans. This compelled John to ask for to affix the group to Installation 03. Despite Hood's reservations that he just take some time to rest, John firmly mentioned the Prometheans needs to be confined to Requiem and that it's best that he see them if they're working wild.[47]

[42] Lasky determined to circumvent orders and as a substitute give John a Pelican that will help in his endeavours to defeat the Didact. John left the Infinity and went to disable two towers that were building a defend within the Didact, later trying to use a Regulate tower to lure the Didact within Requiem. When that failed as a consequence of Cortana's worsening condition, John decided to hitch a experience on considered one of his escort Liches. Leaping from the tower, the SPARTAN skydived all the way down to one. Read Full Report The Didact's Cryptum fused with a Forerunner ship, Mantle's Tactic, in the planet and he, along with a number of dozen escort Liches, went via a slipspace portal bringing about Set up 03.[forty three] Ivanoff Station as well as Composer

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